Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ode To My Dad

With Father's day being tomorrow. I wanted to express some of my feelings towards my own Dad. He is very much a hard worker. He taught me my work ethic. He "voluntold." my brothers and I to go help with a lot of projects that we felt interfered with our golfing. Which it did put us off later then what we wanted to be. We could of spent countless hours on that course, but my Dad in his wisdom, told us that we had more important things to do. We felt like it was drudgery. It was hard to put off something we loved. We however did it. maybe not with smiles on our faces, but you can sure count on that Dave had his three boys there. I don't remember all of the people we helped or even there names. But i do remember a couple three things that I learned. First and foremost. When someone needs help your plans change to what there plans are.
          Think of it like Batman. Whenever he Saw the "Bat Signal" he dropped what he was doing and went to see what the problem was. 
Second. Just because it's late at night, the Job must still roll on. I have had the problem throughout my mission. When we get a move going or there is flooding to be taken care of. We don't stop at 6:00 Pm for the night. We Go till we get the Job done, Or we drop from exhaustion.
Lastly, when people need HELP they can call on me to get the Job done. When People at home needed something in a pinch. My Dad was right there to help. Of these things. I have learned from my Dad. He has shown me how I must live. And more importantly how I must live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you Dad.

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