Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can You Forgive?

Forgiving is hard to do. Especially when you have someone close to you, do something that hurts you. Maybe it is physical harm or spiritual harm. None the less, we must forgive. To me I believe that forgiveness is a divine attribute. It is better defined as to excuse someone from blame for an offense. The Lord commands us to repent of our sins and seek His forgiveness. He also commands us to forgive others. Now the part I want to break down a little more is to forgive others. To say that you were sorry and to admit that you are wrong is in my point of view the hardest thing to do. Cause we don't want to be wrong. That is part of Pride. My favorite pride quote is "Swallow your pride, it contains no calories." The opposite of pride is humility, which is what we need to forgive. Once you have truly humbled yourself. You will be able to say some of the sweetest words that can be uttered in this existence "I'm sorry." It's a humbling experience to say that at first, you almost have to force yourself. Though it is hard, the Lord has commanded it. To me it is what the Lord commands or bust. I know diligence in keeping the lord's commandments results in blessings. I have seen them first hand. I know and testify of God's love. Though it is hard to forgive, forgive we must.

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